From confidence and sophistication to just downright bad fashion sense, fashion accessories can say a lot about a man’s character.

According to men’s accessory connoisseur, Buckle 1922, being well-dressed is all about the subtle but eye-catching details.

Whether your look is casual or smart, the finishing touches are indispensable to a signature look.

It’s no surprise to the most stylish of gents that the assumingly simple choice of a belt or cufflinks can speak volumes about the wearer’s personality.

Director of Buckle 1922, Melissa Gibson says a man’s look represents his identity so it is no wonder why Australian men are becoming increasingly thoughtful and sophisticated in their fashion choices.

“Accessories have taken the spotlight in recent years, as men are realising that subtle style updates can have a big influence on their overall persona,” she says.

Here are Melissa’s insights into what accessories say about a man’s character:

Bow ties and Braces

Wearing a bow tie or braces demands respect, yet, exudes self-expression. These men aren’t followers; they are confident stylish gents who aren’t afraid to be the centre of attention.

People can take the classic formal approach by pairing single coloured bow ties and braces with a tuxedo or suit.

Alternatively, they can take a more modern approach by matching contrasting patterns and colours with casual attire.

Bow ties and braces alike are making a huge comeback in the men’s fashion accessory scene so if you’re not on following the trend, take the plunge. It isn’t as intimidating as you may think!


A mismatched belt shows that you still have a lot to learn about fashion and can taint your overall vibe.

It may seem like a simple task but choosing the wrong length, buckle or colour, can ruin a whole outfit.

Stick by the following tips and you’ll never go wrong:

  • Once fastened, the belt prong should always fit into one of the middle holes
  • Always match the colours of the shoes with the belt
  • Choose your style and stick to it – unless you are a stylist, it’s very difficult to fuse smart and casual styling together, so it is best to pick one look.


Although cufflinks are small accessories, they can be the most interesting part of an ensemble and say a lot about a man.

Depending on the choice, cufflinks can be an indicator of mood or social status, but they always convey a swarve, refined yet modest dimenna.

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