From primping to presentation, here’s how to unleash your inner vintage goddess.

Miss Chrissy Keepence is headmistress of the Lindy Charm School for Girls, a vintage styling school that runs workshops and classes that teaches women of all ages how to find their inner pin-up goddess.

Miss Chrissy will be bringing her style tips and tricks to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Brisbane this October, with presentations, workshops and even an opportunity to have your hair done in a classic vintage up-style.

Miss Chrissy first turned to vintage after feeling like she didn’t fit in.

“Vintage styling is a timeless look,” she says.

“It’s not about weight, weight, weight; it’s about shape, shape, shape.”

Miss Chrissy will host three presentations at the fair, showing women how to cater to their shapes and sizes while upcycling old clothes and materials.

“Our fore-mothers always made do and mended,” she says.

“They had to, out of necessity. So, using those tips and tricks of the past, I think we’re salvaging a lot and we’re creating our own individual style.”

“I’m also showing the next generation you can get those cheap off-the-rack clothes and use your crafting skills to change that outfit and make it yours.”

Here are some vintage fashion tips from Miss Chrissy Keepence:

  • Nothing is sacred. Nip and tuck clothes to fit your shape.
  • Simple yet striking is always best when it comes to makeup – and don’t underestimate the power of blotting.
  • Don’t forget your hair style! It’s an accessory. Let it complement your outfit.

Miss Chrissy will appear at The Craft and Quilt Fair at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7-11 October. For more information visit