For too long, gingers have faced unfair persecution. Now they’re fighting back with a funky new magazine.

If you’re ginger and you know it, this magazine is for you.

MC1R is a new magazine created especially for redheads. Each issue of the publication deals with red hair and everything relating to it.

The approach of the magazine is also diverse and all-encompassing, so it’s about more than simply hair colour. Features in the magaizne cover everything from contemporary art and fashion editorials, through interviews with musicians redand designers, to stories about everyday life and current events.

According to MC1R, redheads are one of the world’s smallest minorities (they make up approximately 2 per cent of the human population) and there’s a lot that ties them together, especially because they are so often characterized by their hair, either positively or negatively.

“We know that being a redhead is something special, and the topic deserves to be thoroughly explored,” reads the MC1R website.

“That’s why each and every contribution to MC1R has a direct connection to red hair and physical characteristics which run alongside this unique characteristic. Issues such as social advantages and disadvantages are covered in depth.”

MC1R is the first and, at present, only magazine worldwide which is created for, about and in partnership with redheads and was founded in 2014 by Tristan Rodgers.

” I discovered that there’s a big network of and for redheads emerging around the world, and I’m now a part of this movement,” Rodgers told Vice. “ People really connect at redhead festivals; they share what they’ve made or their experiences—it’s big, positive hype right now.

“Some people argue that focusing on the hair itself is a paradoxical method, but if people are identified by the way they look, making work about it allows artists to represent themselves and create a positive feeling for everyone.

“Someone else in a different part of the world might have problems with his appearance, so creating something positive could help him find strength.”

After the first issue was published in German, the second issue hit the shelves in March 2015, created entirely in English. MC1R Magazine comes out every six months and contains 100 pages.

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