Photo sharing app Instagram has banned uses from hashtagging “curvy” but it looks like the users will be having the last laugh.

We live in a world of trolls and bullies who lurk online and last week Instagram threw themselves into the mix once again by banning  #curvy.

They claim it was done in response to content being in constant violation of their nudity policies. However, the instagramming and blogging community hasn’t taken the ban that way and it’s widely believed the app banned #curvy as yet another way of stifling larger women who are trying to promote body positivity.

But now these women are fighting back.

Already, #curvee is spreading, serving as a replacement and protest to the hashtag ban. #curvee already has over 3000 posts linked to it.

All over Twitter and Instagram women are sharing their thoughts and protesting the ban.

“Phew, since Instagram banned the hashtag #curvy, there are no more fat people in the world. Congrats, Instagram” wrote Sofia Hagan on Twitter.

Vintage or Tacky blogger and YouTube beauty guru, Cora Alvillar shared a photo from a lookbook on Instagram and said  “It’s been brought to my attention that Instagram has banned #curvy how is the term “curvy” harmful?”

Image via @vintageortacky

Image via @vintageortacky

#curvy is just another casualty in the fight for content freedom on Instagram. The app has already banned photos of breastfeeding, classical artwork where nudity is depicted and stretch marks, while hashtags such as #b**ch, #fatslag, #hooker, #vaginas and #thinspiration are allowed to remain.

It seems like Instagram is afraid of letting women express themselves in a realistic way and do everything in their power to censor the plight of the everyday woman.

Fat women, women who breastfeed in public, women who’s skin isn’t tight and smooth and free of imperfections all face shaming on a daily basis and apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter make it okay.

It’s 2015 and its about time shaming and bullying stopped.

What do you think about Instagram banning #curvy ?