Baby, it’s cold outside, but there’s no need to let the winter blues get you down. It’s time to switch up your look and try your hand at winter’s biggest beauty trends.

Make the cut

Short cropped ‘dos have sailed into popularity with the seasonal change, long tresses be dammed. Blunt, structured bobs have been cropping up on catwalks and starlets alike and nothing will keep your look fresher during the cold months than hacking off damaged hair that’s spent too long in the sun and surf. If you’re not brave enough to go super short, opt for a lob (long bob).

It gives the gift of a short style, while still leaving you a few strands to play with.

Throw some shade

Contouring is not a new trend but it’s one that’s quickly becoming a mainstream staple this season, rather than an act of make-up magic only a skilled artist can pull off. Use your existing foundation and two stick foundations: one that’s two shades deeper than your overall colour, and one that’s two shades lighter.

Use the dark colour to trace your temples and bring out your cheekbones. Concentrate the lighter foundation stick underneath your eyes. Then use a fluffy brush to dust your entire face with loose powder. The key to this look is having a good set of brushes on hand.

White is alright

Accents of white and a trend towards light coloured nails have been showing up on the latest fashion runways. Nanette Lepore’s 2015 show featured a pale blue and white gradient manicure, while stark white nails with an unpainted stripe down the middle was the look of choice on the latest Nonoo runway.

If you’re not brave enough to go for an all-white look, you can always opt for a classic French manicure.

Join the dark side

Winter is not the time for dewy freshness or nude palettes, it’s a time to dive into those eyeshadow pots with a vengeance and achieve a look that’s darkly dangerous. This season is all about experimenting with colour, and don’t forget to throw on some false lashes for good measure.

As for the old rule of not pairing dark eyes with light lips? Throw it out the window. OTT make-up is in this season, so don’t be afraid to darken all your features.

What are your favorite winter beauty trends?