Are you ready to go organic and synthetic-free with your skincare and make-up? Here’s how.

By making uninformed choices and being unaware about what you slather on, you affect your health and quality of life.

In our hectic, urban lives, we are already subjected to a barrage of synthetic and harmful chemicals, so by choosing organic and synthetic-free skin care and make-up products, you can ease the load on your body.

Corinne Sparks from Handmade Naturals at Gladstone is a resolute advocate for cosmetic products to be as natural as possible without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

Corinne’s tips for choosing the right product

  • Read the label thoroughly – if you don’t understand an ingredient, it’s usually a synthetic.
  • Do your research – some ingredients are labelled by their botanical name, rather than the common name, so look up anything you aren’t familiar with.
  • Look at the composition of ingredients, as this will let you know the potency and purity of the product (the ingredients are ranked from highest potency to lowest, i.e. the first ingredient listed will have the most amount contained in that product).
  • Don’t believe the marketing hype. Ask questions and find proven research and results. Price doesn’t always dictate quality in cosmetics.