Many people have countless pieces of high quality jewellery stored away and forgotten about in their home. With the ever-increasing price of gold, Trevor Sim from Clayfield Jewellery recommends redesigning or repairing your jewellery to make something old brand new.

Ready to restore or redesign your favourite jewellery? Clayfield Jewellery is a local business which has been crafting and creating jewellery for over 30 years, and there’s almost nothing they can’t do.

With the cost of gold rising higher and higher, many people are bringing in their old pieces and melting them together to create something brand new that is better suited to their current style.

“We can redesign almost anything from rings to necklaces to earrings to brooches,” Trevor says. “If you can imagine it, we can almost certainly create it.”

He points out that people would be amazed at how much old and unused jewellery they have just lying about in their home.

“We can repair and restore these pieces so you can wear them straight away,” he says. “But if they’re not your style anymore or were heirlooms — come in and chat to us about redesigning. We offer a free assessment with no obligation and discuss all the possibilities for your pieces.”

Clayfield Jewellery has a Master Jeweller and two apprentices on site. Their workshop is visible, and you can wander around browsing while the team of jewellers is hard at work.

Even with skilful workers, certain tasks can remain a challenge without the right equipment. Clayfield Jewellery is fully equipped with the latest technology, including a laser welding machine that cuts to an accuracy of 0.3 mm. “It means that we have highly accurate, direct heat to be able to design and create anything the customer desires,” Trevor explains.

“We also use a controlled flame as a source of joining as well, which is a much traditional method that still is very effective. But for specific items, like a pearl earring or ring where we can’t put a flame near the pearl for fear of damage – using the laser means accuracy and precision and no damage to the pearl.”

Everything is done on site, so your precious pieces are totally secure.

“Many other jewellers send the jewellery away,” Trevor explains, “so your piece either leaves the premises to be sent to some central workshop or it’s contracted out to another jeweller.

“Here at Clayfield Jewellery, we do it all under our own umbrella. We have total control over everything once it’s been left with us in store. From a security point of view, once you leave your jewellery, it is under constant CCTV surveillance — either by one of the jewellers or securely locked away in our safe.”

Because everything is done in-house, Trevor points out, “this means we can keep our prices affordable and very reasonable.”

It’s quite a feat for anybody to be able to stay in business for any decent amount of time these days, so 31 years is impressive (they’ve been in their current location in Nundah Village for eight years). Is there a secret formula behind the success?

“The environment at Clayfield Jewellery is relaxed, nurturing and fun and we are focused on continually upskilling and learning more about the jewellery trade,” Trevor says. “We pride ourselves on the fact that our team has such up-to-date knowledge, skills and techniques to ensure every single job that comes through our doors is completed to the highest standards. And our Master Jeweller has been with the business for over 16 years, and is instrumental in the training of our apprentices as well.”

Clayfield Jewellery provide jewellery workshops on site, as well as a diamond grading service (which will provide you with valuable information prior to your diamond investment).

If you’re ready to redesign or restore your favourite jewellery or family heirlooms, make sure you pop in and meet the team at Clayfield Jewellery (2/1193 Sandgate Road, Nundah). For more information, check out

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