In a truly superb promotional stunt the male model duo from hit film Zoolander appeared on the Valentino Runway at Paris Fashion Week.

It’s taking the social media world by storm. Hansel and Zoolander are back and better than ever, finishing the Valentino Runway show at Paris Fashion Week with an epic catwalk strut.


Vine star Jerome Jarre had his phone “stolen” by Ben Stiller who served up some Blue Steel selfie action, creating this masterpiece of a Vine:

Social media platform Snapchat put up a ‘story’ showing the backstage progress of our favourite male models and the pair got awesome Instagram shots with the likes of Cara Delevingne.

US Vogue editor and fashion queen bee Anna Wintour got in on the fun, creating a backstage video with Stiller and Wilson and getting a ‘selfie stick selfie’.

It’s all promotion for Zoolander 2, due out in 2016, but we can safely say this is one of the funniest and most epic promotional stunts ever.