Hair and makeup experts from Bella Brides offer the top tips of the trade for achieving a flawless wedding day look.

Want the look from our bridal fashion spread? The team from Bella Brides have all the advice to help you achieve flawless bridal hair and makeup.


For soft, subtle eye makeup choose a palette of browns and bronzes—hues which are especially popular for a summer wedding, says makeup artist Brittany Ahern.

Brittany also suggests using eyeshadow when shaping brows as it’s easier to find pigments that closely match the natural brow.

“Use a thin, straight brush to draw in the hairs individually,” she says. “And use two different shades of eyeshadow, one lighter than the natural hair and one darker, because there are always different shades naturally.

“Ensure you use a matte powder and not a shiny or shimmery shadow.”


Hair stylist Lucie Grevell says to first rub a little wax through the hair to prep it for an up-do.

“It just smoothes it and stops the hair from going fluffy,” she says.

She adds that hot rollers are a great way to get consistent curls.

“I know my hot sticks are guaranteed to work—they’ll curl anything,” she says.

As for up-do technique, Lucie says it’s mostly just about what looks good.

“I just pin it and have a play,” she says. “I’ve kept a section here loose to turn into a plait detail, but for shorter hair sometimes a hairpiece is needed.”

Finish off with some hairspray and you’re good to go.


The team suggests opting for airbrushing when applying foundation, as it’s essentially event-proof.

“It lasts longer and photographs really well,” says Brittany. “It’s also sweat-proof.”

Makeup artist Tracey Scott adds that while long-lasting, airbrushing still achieves a natural, non-cakey look. “It goes on nicely and gives a really flawless look,” she says.

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