Pre-loved fashion market Wardrobe Warriors will not only be great for the environment and even better for your pockets, but it will be amazing for charities as well.

What makes this market special is the story behind it. 23-year-old Lauren Pearson launched her online store and blog, Cream Clothing, in September last year. It originally stocked fast fashion and hand-picked designer items from around the world. After she became aware of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1,138 sweatshop workers and injured at least 2,500 more, Lauren decided to make the switch to pre-loved clothing.

“I love searching every week for new and exciting pieces,” she says. “I can find brand names and more unique items all whilst helping to raise awareness about the importance of wearing pre-loved.”

Even with a thriving online business, Lauren knew there was more she wanted to achieve.

“I had been thinking of having my own market-type event since I began my clothing business in September last year. I knew it would be easier if I could just go to an event that sold only women’s fashion and could set up Cream Clothing there. But I have been to many different markets and events and I never wanted to be like them. I wanted to be unique, like with everything I do, and I also wanted to make a difference. There are far too many people out there who need help, and I want to be the person to help them.

“The name Wardrobe Warriors was a suggestion from a friend of mine; I put a meaning behind it. We are a bunch of women raiding their wardrobes to sell at our event. We are warriors because we are doing this to help others and support charities, and also because there may be a war between women at the event to pick up the dresses first!”

Wardrobe Warriors will be a monthly event held in a variety of locations across Queensland; all the proceeds from ticket sales will go to a charity (a gold coin donation will get you through the door). This month’s charity is Assist A Sista, which is a cause close to Lauren’s heart.

“When my mother was younger, she was the victim of an abusive home. Domestic violence was something that was normal for her. She grew up thinking so little of herself and all because of the physical and mental abuse she suffered and watched happening all around her. It made me sad to think that my amazing, beautiful mother thought so low of herself.

“My life goals were to one day help people who are down on themselves because of this, or depression, or any illness, really, that makes them feel like they are worth less than someone else. No one should ever feel the way my mother, sister and so many other women do.”

Lauren is definitely a woman with a passion for fashion, and it’s easy to believe her when she says there are big things in her future.

“I have large dreams for CC and WW. I would love to be the first pre-loved clothing store in a major shopping centre. I would love to be part of the movement towards recycling our clothing, and also informing others about the impact fast fashion has on the world.

“For Wardrobe Warriors, my goal is to raise as much money as possible for charities. Every month I plan to help a different charity for each event. Next month I will be helping Beyond Blue to support people with depression and anxiety. I hope that Wardrobe Warriors will make its way around Queensland and then hopefully the whole of Australia!

“I have done literally every job possible. I did not go to university, and when I left school I was so unsure about what I wanted to do with my life. I have been a telemarketer, an assistant manager in a lingerie store, I have worked in a gym, a barista, a receptionist at an indoor trampoline centre, and a travel agent at Flight Centre. I was never happy. I knew there had to be something more to life. I wanted to have a purpose and I think I have started to find it.”

The first Wardrobe Warriors market will be held at Macgregor State High School on Saturday 28 February with 40 stalls selling clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags and jewellery. For more info, visit our event listing or the Wardrobe Warriors Facebook page