This calendar year it’s make your work-wear work for you. Here’s how to become a ‘repeat offender’ and invest in quality staples that can be worn multiple ways.

If you want to take your office attire to the next level, but you’re lacking inspiration and the budget, don’t panic!

Personal stylist and the brains behind, Elisha Casagrande, has your working-week wardrobe sorted.

Her number one rule is ‘if you can’t wear it five ways, forget about it’.

“I can’t remember the last time I purchased something without styling a number of outfit combinations in my head before buying,” she said.

The key to coming at this year with a fresh, adaptable look on the work front begins with a wardrobe cleanse.

“Ditch the old, ill-fitting or worn pieces and update with versatile essentials; a pencil skirt, black suit, blouses and camisoles, a few layering pieces such as a cardigan, trench coat or a long-line vest and a pair of pumps.”

Then add the pizzazz!

“Embrace clashing prints and keep an eye out for textured garments such as leather, tweed or wool in classic styles. A plain outfit can be lifted almost instantly, simply by throwing on a textured piece,” she said.

Another avenue for creating corporate ensembles without purchasing more pieces, comes down to playing around with proportions.

“Outfits are more appealing when the body is broken into thirds rather than halves. Experiment with a cropped top paired with a midi skirt, or a long-line vest styled with cropped trousers,” she said.

The finishing touches? A red lipstick and a fresh fragrance.

For more inspiration, check out the Repeat Offender site, curated to reflect Elisha’s love for a minimal aesthetic. It offers up to a 12-piece wardrobe capsule each month with cues on how to style and repeat.

Model: Elisha Casagrande
Photographer: Hannah Klose
Photographer Assistant: Taylah Smith