Plus size fashion blogger Gabi Fresh has released a range of inclusive swimwear, up to a size 24, that gives you even more options for the summer season.

If you’re looking for a different type of swimwear, a type that has nothing to do with body shaming and everything to do with having fun in the sun, then this collection is for you.

The stylish Gabi Fresh,otherwise known as fashion blogger Gabi Gregg, is a champion of body diversity. Apart from being known for her rad style, she also gained international notoriety by encouraging plus-size women to embrace their shape and wear what she calls “fatkinis” — sexy two-piece swimsuits that celebrate larger sizes instead of shaming them. To keep her passion going, Gregg has released a range of swimwear

“True to my style, I went for bold colors, fun designs and cool details,” the designer revealed on her blog. “There was no watering down or holding back (this happens often when brands make things for our size demo). I simply designed beautiful statement pieces that I knew stylish girls would love.

“From jellyfish and oil prints to oversized zippers and cutouts, I really did think about every single element, and I hope you guys can tell how much time and effort I put into these. I care so much about the plus size girls out there who are constantly feeling left out or like they’re an afterthought to brands, and I never want to make my customers feel that way.

“We all deserve to feel confident and sexy, and that includes when we hit the beach. When I look back at my journey with the fatkini, I couldn’t be prouder of how far we’ve come as a community and how many women are now joining the movement. I’m so grateful to you and also to swimsuitsforall for giving me this unimaginable opportunity.”

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