In the lead up to Australia Day we’re celebrating some home-grown fashion houses who are still keeping it proudly Australian-made…

In 1984 over 110,000 people were employed in the Australian garment industry. But, look forward 30 years and there are now only 29,100 workers on the books according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures. However, there are still a few designers who are keeping work onshore in order to keep the Australian textile manufacturers in business…

Right on Cue

This family-owned company has been a leading label in Australian fashion since 1968 in more ways than one. Keeping their garments Australian-made has meant that they can rapidly respond to emerging trends and deliver fresh designs in stores each week.

They’ve also set the bar high with their transparent production lines, and are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. This means their Australian employees receive fair wages and work in decent conditions. They call this their ‘Cue commitment’.

*Sub-brand ‘Cue in the City’ knits, shirts and accessories are not made in Australia.

Carla’s path

Australian fashion designer Carla Zampatti has been working in the industry for almost 50 years, releasing her first collection back in 1965. She has always supported the local

“As a designer for the luxury market, the quality of my products cannot be compromised and that’s what my customers have grown to expect,” she says.

“Local manufacturing is something that has always enabled me great quality control and I have developed my business model around my production methods.”

Family resemblance

Carla Zampatti’s daughter Bianca Spender has followed in her mother’s footsteps, starting out as designer at the young age of 12. After studying design and working abroad in garment houses across Italy and Paris, she came home to Australia to start her own line in 2007 and unlike many others has kept it local ever since.

In the jeans

Nobody Denim had its humble beginnings in 1999, starting out in a small, family-built denim laundry in Melbourne. Since the start this family business has maintained its integrity with high-quality, transparent, fair and ethical garments that have been individually hand-customised here in Australia.

What’s your favorite Australian label?