Gone are the days of women housing their other half’s belongings in their own purses while out and about, because the metro man is on the rise and he’s bringing his own man-bag along for the ride. Encourage their good behavior with Elk’s new line of luxe leather products.

The man-bag made one of it’s first appearances in the Indiana Jones film series in the 80s.

The archaeologist was seen sporting a satchel, otherwise known as the ‘MkVII British Gas Mask Bag’. The satchel was also issued to British troops and police forces during WWII, as a precaution against a German gas attack.

These days the contents of mens’ man-bags are far more 21st century; from smart phones, Ipads, cologne, wallets, breath mints and car keys, to grooming products such as beard oil, lip balm and styling gel.

Elk’s latest line, ‘Tales to Tell’ Summer 14/15, features some luxe leather bags perfect for housing the modern-day man’s essentials, including a selection of Sveg satchels and a Geilo croc collection in a strong range of saturated natural hues.

The Melbourne based label creates products with an aesthetic of stylish simplicity, using quality raw materials sourced from all over the world, making their man-bags a long-lasting investment piece for any gent.

Click through the gallery to see ‘Tales to Tell’ Summer 14/15 collection.

Has your man embraced his own baggage? Share your favourite satchels with us in the comments below…