Want the immaculately coiffed and polished look of a ’50s-style queen? Lucie from Bella Brides shows you how…


First I put hot rollers in Alexandra’s hair — make sure the rollers are hot and hair is 100 per cent dry. Once rollers are in, let them cool completely. Using rollers is a great way to begin work on a hairstyle while continuing with makeup application, as you can do other things while waiting for them to cool.

When cool, take out the rollers and brush out the curls. Lightly tease hair all over before brushing softly on top to smooth; try not to comb out all the teasing as you want to keep the volume.

Flick out the ends for that Jackie Kennedy look and put in a little roll at the front by using your fingers as a barrel and wrapping the hair into a roll, pinning in place with Bobby pins. Alternatively, you can skip the roll and just allow the style to fall into nice waves.


Start off with concealer under the eyes to even out your complexion and reduce dark circles. It is best to use a pale foundation that matches your skin; if you have to choose between a darker and a lighter shade, go for the lighter one.
Eyebrows are pretty much a must-do! Line them, making sure they can be seen and are a great shape. It is best if your eyebrow pencil is nice and sharp as it gives you a great line.

For the eyes just have fun with colour and use a liquid eyeliner, as you can get a much nicer flick with liquid. Hot tip: if you’re not confident adding a flick freehand, use the edge of a teaspoon to guide your liner to avoid smudges and ensure each side is even.

Add white eyeliner to the inner corner of the lower lash line (also known as the waterline). This is a great way of making your eyes look bigger and brighter and was one of the tips Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist used. Apply false eyelashes for big vintage glamour.

For the lips you will need a nice sharp lip liner – this is important to get that really over-accentuated mid-century pout. I drew just outside the natural line of Alex’s lips and went right down to the corners of the mouth.

Fill in with red lipstick but remember it wasn’t worn as shiny as it is these days so don’t use copious amounts of gloss.

Finish off with a sweep of pink-toned blush along the cheekbones to add a soft rosy glow.

Our thanks to Lucie and the team from Bella Brides. Visit www.bellabrides.com.au for more info.