There’s not much you can’t learn how to do from the internet these days, but Brisbane hair stylist Jules Tognini hopes to break new ground with a series of videos aimed at putting great hair into anyone’s hands.

YouTube beauty vloggers have revolutionised the industry to a point where anyone with a well-stocked makeup drawer can log in and click their way through to professional skill level. Names such as Michelle Phan have launched careers thanks to a multi-million subscriber list built on sharing their how-tos, from party looks to special effects, and the signature faces of Kim Kardashian to Lady Gaga.

Less is shared about hair, but in an effort to demystify styling techniques and bring great hair to the PCs of everyone, Brisbane hair stylist Jules Tognini recently launched a YouTube channel and series of videos entitled Lil’ Off The Top.

“(It’s) a movement towards simple, everyday culture, with an educational tilt into new media,” says Tognini, salon director of AKA Togninis.

“The clips are raw and edgy, talking through basic styling tricks in a way that’s casual, not complicated or boring.

“I’ve always been pro-hair in the sense of pushing it more. Everyone wears clothes and everyone has hair, hair could be the same thing as fashion if we can teach people how to style their hair better; I’ve realised you can make your own opportunities.”

Lil’ Off The Top demonstrates everything from how girls can achieve beach waves and puffy pomps, to guys’ buns and the perfect side part.

“It’s trying to make hair more of a lifestyle and culture rather than it just being about the industry; nobody in the industry is pushing anything towards the consumer,” says Tognini, who has gained a notable set of industry accolades himself in the past six years, including 2013 Male Hairdresser of the Year at the national Hair Expo.

Tognini isn’t the first of his contemporaries to share his skills for free, leaving traditional models of protecting intellectual property far behind.

“It’s a big trial at the moment but I’m loving it, I’d love to make it into more of a library. It’s been a cool ride so far and if it keeps going then that’d be great.”