For men, clothing options are less about variety and more about personalisation – a signature look can set you apart from the pack.

Brisbane mens tailoring outfit Wil Valor‘s Mark Ferguson knows the value of a signature look.

“Creating a signature look is something personal to you, makes you stand out in a crowd with your own unique flare,” he says.

“Your personal style is something identical with you, like a superhero’s costume or a company logo. It’s not just for women, men too can have a signature look that says much about their personality and create ensembles uniquely theirs.”

Ferguson says people who thrive in business are the ones who naturally marketing themselves to the right people in the right way, and having a recognisable style is an important part of that.

“Not everyone knows who you are, and since that means they probably have no idea what you do and how good you do it, it’s vital for you to give your skills a bit of recognition,” he says. 

“By developing your signature look, you’ll have control over people’s initial perception. Image is still everything.”

Wil Valor’s tips to develop a consistent and appealing signature look:

Tip 1. The key to looking remarkable begins with identifying what kind of style personality you have. Search for inspirational images but always ask if this style represents you. Do you find yourself favoring trendy pieces or perennial classics? You can choose the latest in men’s suits with slimmer silhouette and stylish detailing, or exude strength and stability with a classic peak lapel power suit.

Tip 2. The key to a flattering wardrobe is all about fit and proportion. Of course, everything can fit properly, but if you don’t get the proportions right, you will still be off the mark. For that classic double breasted suit, fitted to mold your torso will make you look trimmer and taller over all.

Tip 3. Choose your color. Everyone can wear color—it all boils down to finding the hues complimenting your skin tone as well as your hair and eye colors. You can keep your tailored suit simple by choosing solid colors like navy, black and greys incorporating it with a subtle tailored shirt or a patterned tie and pocket square.

Tip 4. Custom signature pieces. Gone are the days when men’s suits in the workplace are uniform. Men’s suits have become vehicles of personal expression and stature. Signature pieces designed specifically for you ensures that your wardrobe is distinct, tailoring a look unavailable in the retail environment. Custom signature pieces are made for men with discriminating taste.