The name Lorna Jane has become synonymous with the trend toward gym gear as street gear, but the designer has taken the look a step further with the launch of her new range, Uniquely

An extension of the hugely popular Lorna Jane clothing range, which has gradually been crossing the lines between gym and streetwear with each season, Uniquely is a fashion-focused range of activewear featuring high performance fabrics in metallics and including vegan leather, faux fur, quilting and embellishments.

“Activewear is no longer confined to formal exercise, but has become a fashion staple for modern women that want their wardrobe to connect with their lifestyle” says the designer.

“I believe the modern women wears her activewear as  a badge of honour telling the world – I’m active and proud of it!  Its safe to say the days of activewear being confined to formal exercise are over and it’s fantastic seeing so many women embracing active living and being empowered to lead happier more active lives.”

Fabrics are a strong focus of the collection, both through fashion tie-ins of animal print and furs and the functionality each piece offers.

“Each fashion piece fuses sportswear silhouettes and luxe fashion fabrics to enhance the wearer’s freedom and develop her signature active style,” says Lorna Jane.

“The Uniquely Lorna Jane range features vegan leather, faux fur, quilting and embellishments to create the ultimate sports-luxe feel.  By using these fabrics we’re telling the world that activewear deserves to be seen.

“It’s also so important to feel confident while you’re working out, which is why all of our high-tech LJ excel fabrics are engineered using the very latest in technology to move with your body whilst keeping you cool and comfortable.”

Lorna Jane celebrates 25 years in business this year, with more than 150 stores and a social media fashion following that is unprecedented in the fashion arena.