Former Vogue editor Kirstie Clements gives us her thoughts on Brisbane fashion, to celebrate a new documentary about our capital’s style

Uncovering The Brisbane Look, the new documentary documenting all that is brave and brilliant about Brisbane life and style, premiered last night for the city’s glitterati. Executive producer and former Vogue editor turned best-selling author Kirstie Clements gave us her thoughts on Brisbane style.

How would you define Brisbane style?
Brisbane style seems to be more playful, individual and fun. It’s less trend driven.

How do you think the Brisbane fashion industry changed over the years?
Brisbane, like everywhere in the world, has become more global in terms of where people are drawing references from.  Easton Pearson have been a defining force in Brisbane, both in Australia and internationally, with their exuberant and confident designs. You see the same energy in a young designer like Gail Sorronda, who has her own original aesthetic, I think she grows and evolves every year.  I hope to see more from Brisbane!

How does Brisbane style differ to other parts of Australia? How do we compare to our stylish sisters in Melbourne and Sydney?
Because of the internet, style has had the same influences – as in, no one is behind anywhere else in terms of street style and trends. What I notice in Brisbane is that people on the street have that little extra edge of fun,a sort of boldness. They wear what they like, they own it.

How would you define your own style?
My style is quite classic, not very overt. I don’t like things that are tight or sexy. I love the forties, cocktail coats, and evening jackets,  lots of black with coloured jewellery. Elegant I would hope!

What is your advice to Brisbane women when it comes to creating their own style?
I think you can wear any style you love, but make sure it suits your body shape.  A flattering silhouette is everything.


The public launch of the documentary will be held on Monday 3 March at Queens Plaza and will be on a constant loop until 30 March.