New documentary Uncovering the Brisbane Look aims to dispel the myth of backwater Brisbane and explore the minds of those who make our fashion industry great.

An initiative of Queens Plaza,¬†Uncovering the Brisbane Look is the brainchild of Junior creative agency’s Laurel Davis.

“There is a big shift towards luxury in Brisbane and that was an exciting thing to explore,” says Davis.

“We had an opportunity to go out in to Brisbane and talk to people in different corners about the exciting things that are happening in Brisbane.”

Narated by former Vogue Australia editor Kirstie Clements, the documentary is directed by award winning filmmaker Hailey Bartholomew, who says she had her eyes opened to the depth of Brisbane’s fashion industry in the process.

“Initially the film was meant to be 15 minutes, but it pushed out to 30; everyone had so much good material,” she says.

“There’s some amazing talent in Brisbane I had no idea about.”

Uncovering the Brisbane Look¬†interviewees include designer Lydia Pearson of Easton Pearson, Gail Reid from Gail Sorronda and Project Runway winner Juli Grbac, whose career now sees her design Virgin Australia’s uniforms. There are also talents outside of fashion including Patience Hodgson from band The Grates, and Alison Kubler, art curator and author of Art/Fashion in the Twentieth Century.

“All the stories feed into the theme that Brisbane is a supportive community and that’s why people succeed here,” says Bartholomew.

“There’s other themes about colour and a lot about the fact we’re more relaxed about life. But in the past 6-8 years we’ve really grown up and so much is accessible to us you can now pretty much get anything you want here.

“I’m so inspired by the people here and the way they interact with one another and have that attitude of support. I was really touched an incredibly proud.”

Uncovering the Brisbane Look premieres on February 27, after which time it will screen free in a dedicated space at Queens Plaza.