When it comes to choices of Valentine’s Day gifts, jewellery tops the polls. What makes jewellery so special and romantic? We asked an expert.

Jewellery retailer Lannah Dunn has been in the business of Valentine’s Day surprises for almost 30 years; the Lannah Dunn boutique was established in Toowoomba in 1985, and moved in to Brisbane’s Tattersall’s Arcade in 2008.

Lannah knows a thing or two about jewels and has heard countless stories of romance around Valentine’s Day, so on the eve of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d chat about the tradition, and why it’s so special.

BMag: What makes the idea of giving jewellery for Valentine’s Day so special?

Lannah Dunn: Jewellery is the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day, offering a piece that is both sentimental and incredibly romantic. By giving a keepsake item of jewellery, you are giving a personal item that can be passed on through generations, with the memories increasing with every year that passes.

BMag: Traditionally, what are the most popular pieces to give a loved one (both men and women)?

Lannah Dunn: The Monogram ring, crafted from sterling silver or solid gold, is one of the most popular pieces to give. Using century-old techniques, the molten metal is fashioned into the final masterpiece, and personal initials are engraved to add a touch of sentimentality. Historically worn on the pinkie finger, the Monogram ring is traditionally given to a loved one in celebration of a special birthday or milestone and is available in both men’s and women’s styles.

BMag: What makes antique jewellery pieces so romantic?

Lannah Dunn: The romanticism of giving an antique piece for Valentine’s Day or for any celebration or occasion is unlike any other. With pieces often handmade especially for a loved one many year’s ago, each piece is unique and offers its own story, much like the love between two people.

BMag: If money were no object, diamonds are the ultimate romantic gift of love. Are there are other stones you feel hold particular sentimental value and are therefore the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day?

The Ruby is the perfect stone to give for Valentine’s Day, as red is traditionally a colour associated with hearts and roses, offering the ultimate symbol of friendship and love which is what Valentine’s Day is all about.