Bridal trends are a hot topic at this time of year, with the autumn wedding season fast approaching and spring just a few short months away.

In wedding planning terms, spring’s bridal trends are the current talk as September brides are in intense planning mode.

Bridal blogger Wendy El- Khoury of Wedded Wonderland (pictured below) highlights lustre as the big trend in weddings this year. More subtle than the glitz and bling of the Great Gatsby era, lustre is a grown up take on glamorous bridal theming, says El-Khoury.

“Designers are definitely focused on giving the bride a red carpet moment at her wedding,” she says.

“We will see more second dresses as many brides are considering the ceremony dress, the long intricate beautiful gown, and the reception dress for the celebration afterwards, which is a reflection of their personality and is a little fun.

“Think low back, off the shoulder, the halter is back… anything that gives the traditional wedding dress a little point of difference. Lustre through the dresses means we will also see silver thread, mesh, sequins and glistening laces.

“Radiant Orchid has also been named as the colour for 2014 so you will start to see that stunning purple filter through colour palettes, everything from flowers to food to bridesmaid dresses.”

Wedded Wonderland bridal blogger Wendy El-Khoury

Wedded Wonderland bridal blogger Wendy El-Khoury

Although sparkle and shimmer are a modern wedding look in fabrication, silhouettes are returning to traditional styles including the classic ballgown, says El-Khoury.

“This always depends on the bride of course and how she wears her dress, however the wedding designer giants are reintroducing the ballgown style wedding dress which I just adore,” she says.

“Their point of difference is the lace and textures. Particularly with reference to veils, I’m loving the idea of embellished veils and using the veil as a statement piece. Bringing back the ballgown is also reintroducing the tiara (scary I know) however gold leaf tiaras are definitely exquisite and very now.”

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