Valentine’s Day gifts are highly political sometimes. Do you buy for a new love interest? Do you buy when you’re married? Do you buy into the holiday at all?

If you want to give a Valentine’s Day gift but don’t want any association with love hearts, fluffy bears, red ribbons or Hallmark sentiments, here’s a few ideas that might appeal.

Statement jewellery
(Pictured: Otazu cuff $299,

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 8.28.04 PM

I know, jewellery is quite conventional. Take the Valentine’s Day occasion as an opportunity to impress her with how much you know of her personal style though, and you’ll impress her socks off. Anything crystal, diamond or sparkling fits the bill for this occasion if you know she’ll love and cherish it.

Buy her… or him… a star

Star gazing takes on new meaning if you know one of the billions of sparkles in the night sky is named for you. Anyone can claim their square-footage of the galaxy through several star naming registries easily found online. The better ones offer a star chart so you can find your star, a certificate and gift box. Cute.

Quirky gifts
(Pictured: Warmpresents dual gloves, $29.99,

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For the truly kitsch, Etsy is a Valentine’s Day minefield of cute and quirky. Dual gloves so you can hold hands in winter in snuggly comfort, tuxedo-wearing cat mugs, Valentine’s-themed scrabble sets, engraved padlocks, anything monogrammed or┬ápersonalised you can think of… get in quick to allow shipping time and shop to your heart’s desire.