Valentine’s Day gifts are something that should be given careful thought, chosen carefully, and gifted with love, right?

So say the romantics, whose Valentine’s Day gifts are selected as though endorsed by cupid himself.

If you’re feeling the love this Valentine’s Day (and in case you needed a reminder, there’s less than two weeks to go), traditional is often the most romantic in my book. I’m talking flowers, chocolates, jewellery perhaps. Here’s a rundown of what would impress me (hint, hint to the husband) on February 14.

(Pictured: Arrangement by The Butterfly Lounge)

Valentine’s Day is all about waiting for the flowers to arrive. You’re either waiting for them for yourself or you’re looking around the office with envy as they come pouring in. One by one every girl in the office’s eyes will follow the bouquet down the corridor until it reaches its destination – not my desk?… Ah well, maybe they’re still on their way…
No woman I know dislikes receiving flowers. They’re a guaranteed winner whether you’ve been dating for two weeks or married two decades.
Save her the tense afternoon gentlemen, make sure your florist delivers early.

(Pictured: Adorne necklace $49.95)

Jewellery doesn’t have to be pricey to impress. I’m personally not a fan of the heart motif but something affordable and Valentine’s Day-themed is the perfect choice for young love. If you’re choosing something you hope she’ll wear every day, make sure you get the colour right (most women will have a certain preference toward gold, silver or rose gold), size rings properly (especially if it’s that ring), and always keep the receipt and check the returns policy, just in case.

(Pictured: Dita Von Teese sheer witchery corset $140 at Myer)

There are two schools of thought on this – lingerie can either be exactly what she wants, if you’re sure and she often buys lingerie herself or you regularly buy for her with great feedback. In either case, then go for it. Otherwise, it can be a little creepy. If you’ve only just started dating, you know she’d think this gift would be more about what you want than she does, or, god forbid, you buy her something that’s wildly out of her size range or anything she’d ever consider wearing, you’re just asking for trouble. Proceed with caution.


Chocolate is a fantastic Valentine’s Day choice for her or for him, and what’s even better – it’s perfect to share. Go fancier than a Cadbury block and opt for Dello Mano brownies, beautiful handmade chocolates (Mayfield Chocolates in Spring Hill, Bittersweet Chocolates at The Barracks, Paddington and Chocolate to Die For in the city are all great).