I’m often asked how to become a stylist. Everyone’s path is different, but some insider advice never goes astray.

For me it’s been a ten year process of refining my career, and now my business, to a point where I have the necessary experience, qualifications, and industry connections to make it a viable reality.

For fellow stylist Tanja Mrnjaus, who now splits her time between Brisbane and London, the ‘How to become a stylist’ question has come up from budding fashion professionals she has mentored and fostered throughout her years of experience and the creative has now put her hand to an eBook to explain the industry and debunk some of the myths.

“I learnt many of my styling lessons the hard way and I spent many in work experience and assisting other stylists early in my career so I could increase my knowledge of the industry and observe other successful creatives,” says Mrnjaus.

“This ebook is the result of my life lessons, my passion for styling and my desire to educate and support others in the industry.”

The ebook, ‘So you want to be a stylist?’, is available via Tanja’s website www.idcouture.com. It is a step-by-step guide with easy to follow advice and a workbook to chronicle your light bulb moments and styling memories.

'So you want to be a stylist?' Image courtesy of Tanja Mrnjaus. Fashion illustration by Lara Cresser

‘So you want to be a stylist?’
Image courtesy of Tanja Mrnjaus. Fashion illustration by Lara Cresser

As Tanja will often attest, her styling career has led to countless and endlessly rewarding experiences.

“I have the opportunity to meet some amazing people and empower clients through fashion. It is an inspiring and evolving industry,” she says.

Stylist Tanja Mrnjaus

Stylist Tanja Mrnjaus

From working with celebrities to live fashion showcases, commercial projects for major retail outlets to personal shopping and coordinating client wardrobes, professional styling can present many career paths. ‘So you want to be a Stylist?’ shines a light on the unspoken topics of money, reputation ruiners, and what it takes to secure a career as a professional stylist.

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