Whose secret weapon is a pre-awards show pedicure, who indulges in a little fast food frenzy before the show and who can’t help but burst out in song while their make-up team is hard at work? We’ve got all the behind-the-scenes magic from awards show season.

It’s that time of year! We’ve already seen the stars glide down the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, the Critics Choice Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards and with the Grammy Awards and the Academy Awards just around the corner we take a look behind the curtain at the stars personal awards show snaps.

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Kayley hands out surgical masks before the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Even a doctor’s note was not enough to get The Big Bang Theory star Kayley Cuoco out of awards show prep. The newlywed was suffering from a severe head cold in the lead up to the Screen Actors Guild Awards and worked around her illness by having her glam squad don surgical masks while they prepped her loose waves and smoky eye make-up.

Also on Kayley’s awards show survival list is a pair of comfort flats for those long walks up the red carpet. Kayley paired her Rani Zakhem floral dress with a pair of sweet pastel flats before heading to the Golden Globes.

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Sean Combs rocks cucumber eye patches

Seans Combs (otherwise known as Puff Daddy or P Diddy, depending on the day) showed us that it’s not just the ladies who take their awards show prep seriously.

The star prepared for the Golden Globes red carpet by applying cucumber patches flown in from Milan under his eyes. He was unapologetic about his beauty regime however, quipping “I know it looks crazy, but nobody said perfection was easy.”


Drew’s best accessory is a perfect slice

Most stars would clutch their pearls in horror at the thought of food passing their lips on awards show days, but actresses Emma Roberts and Drew Barrymore showed us that grabbing a little fast food is the key to their gorgeous looks. both ladies munched on burgers and pizza before the Golden Globes.

Sitting in the make-up chair can get a little boring for these celebs and once they’ve finished taking mirror selfies what’s a starlet to do to pass the hours? If you’re Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland you break out in song while your extensive make-up team works your hair into a cute braided up-do.

Heidi Klum drives her make-up team crazy

Heidi Klum drives her make-up team crazy

Julia Louis-Drefus is a veteran at the awards show circuit and her secret weapon is indulging in a pedicure before the big night. The Screen Actors Guild award winner and Veep actress also shared a snap of her make-up table. Putting an end to the natural beauty lie by saying “everything on this table will be on my face.”

As a mum of four supermodel turned TV host Heidi Klum is a little short on time, but the kooky star took things a little far this awards season when she had her make-up team perform the finishing touches in her car.

What are your favorite moments from awards show season so far and have you ever had a crazy experience getting ready for a big event?