Recently graduated fashion designer Alana Zech is making a path in fashion set to focus equally on sustainability and design.

Inspired by the natural world in combination with the human body’s female form, Zech developed a collection entitled Arcane for her final semester at QUT which has not only a stand-out aesthetic but a viewpoint towards creating a better world through environmental and social consciousness.

The collection takes its inspiration from time spent in Berlin, where Zech studied on exchange for a semester in June 2012/2013, which comes across clearly in the layered silhouettes and strong point of view. 

Fabrics sourced from around the world include cotton, wool, leather, silk, linen, hemp and ramie, a fibre derived from a Chinese grass.

Still completing the business component of her double degree in fashion, Zech says combining business sense with her creative talents will make for a measured path of success in the cutthroat world of fashion.

“Having the business background as well is definitely helpful,” she says.

“In the short-term a degree isn’t enough to start your own label, which is the long-term goal. I want to get some experience and move back to Berlin at the end of this year.

“The long-term goal is to start my own label, I’m really interested in sustainability and being ethical and socially conscious. It’s hard to be completely along ethical standards on a small label, but I’m working towards that.”

The ethics Zech refers to are around sustainable production of fibres, fair wages for garment manufacturers, and a sustainability of resources which, cotton in particular, are being depleted dramatically.

“At this stage it’s about wherever I can implement sustainability with my collection. For this, my first collection, I had all the high hopes around that but realised it wasn’t going to be practical financially.



(QUT graduate Alana Zech collection ‘Arcane’ – click to enlarge)

“The end goal is to build a business that’s financially transparent. It would be a dream to have control of everything from the fibre growing to the shop front and to see that it’s disposed of in a sustainable way.

“I think when you can you may as well do as much as you can to achieve these steps forward. In my lifestyle as well I think it’s important to value quality and things that are going to help people in their lives.”

Alana Zech’s QUT fashion graduate collection is on display at Westfield Chermside (outside the Apple store) as part of the Westfield Chermside Retail Ready award she received at the QUT fashion graduate show for her inspirational and wearable collection.


(QUT graduate Alana Zech collection ‘Arcane’ at Westfield Chermside – click to enlarge)