Local label ‘as you are now’ could only be found in exclusive stores in Paddington, inner north suburbs and the CBD up until recently – but now this elegant collection is available in its entirety at a dedicated new store at Portside Wharf.

Launched in 2010, ‘as you are now’ is a collection of women’s wear inspired by travel, with pieces that are stylishly relaxed. 

Sam Mingoia and Sven Engstrom are the Brisbane designers behind the label, and say Portside Wharf proved a perfect locale for the new store.

“We are so happy Portside is the right fit for this label as both local residents and visitors from the cruise ships are an ideal fit for the ‘as you are now’ demographic,” says Mingoi.

Using white as a foundation, the summer collection focuses on fresh citrus colours and includes neon yellows and vibrant pinks. The light-hearted collection will be popular with the relaxed vibe of Brisbane fashion.

“The relaxed and comfortable lifestyle provided at Portside Wharf has synergy with ‘as you are now’ – a label which aims to create feelings of being on holiday, representing an ongoing journey – a place filled with carefree optimism enhancing your life, whilst lifting your spirits,” says Mingoi. “The collection is designed to make women feel beautiful, hopeful and connected.

“We aim to capture the spirit of travel, inspired by the world around us, with the label not tailored to any specific age but more to a mindset, a desire for something different.”