Fashion haul blogs have become an online phenomenon in which young women upload videos to the internet to show off their latest stylish purchases.

One of the best parts of a great shopping trip is showing off what you’ve bought once you get home.  But what if there’s no one home to share your new discoveries with or your best friend lives too far away to pop in for a chat?

Smart gals are jumping online to share their new fashion fixes with more than just a few friends.  Talking straight to camera they hold up their new purchases, one by one, and talk about where they found them and how they are going to wear them.  Watching these fashion hauls blogs is just like sitting opposite a new girlfriend in the room who is bursting with post-purchase pride.  It’s also a great way to pick up new fashion tips and discover what others are wearing and how. The smartest shoppers are even setting fashion trends with their savvy shopping style.

“It’s a combination of ‘I want to inform people’ and ‘I want to show off’,” says Hamburg stylist Ines Meyrose.

She says the internet is seeing a boom in fashion-haul videos.

The video makers ostensibly want to tell their viewers about the latest trends in fashion, but they also have another motive: they want everyone to know they are tuned into what’s going on in the world of fashion.

“‘I want to be the first to find something new and fashionable,’ is what they are trying to say,” Meyrose says.

Fashion-haul videos are practical guides to shopping and are a quick way to find out what’s new in the stores. Meyrose says most are made by private individuals and are not sponsored by companies.

“But in videos that only show off products by the same company, I think that some kind of sponsorship deal has been agreed,” she says

The main target group for fashion hauling is teenagers and young people up to the age of 20.