Add a little festive sparkle to your attire this Christmas with nail art, it is amazing what you can do with a bit of nail polish and glitter.

It is well and truly Christmas time and it seems everything is covered in red , green, Santa and tinsel. Why should your nails be left out of the fun? Nail art has been a huge trend in 2013 and this Christmas it can add a bit of festive cheer to your wardrobe.

We’ve complied a list of 5 nail art trends that are sure to make your fingers festive.

1. Christmas characters

Whether its Rudolph, Santa or Frosty the snowman, paint a Christmas character on one or all of you nails. You can buy nail gels or if you brave have a go at painting them on yourself.

2. Let it snow

Even though it does not snow here in Australia you can still make your nails look like they have just caught a falling snow flake. Go for the easy option of small white dots and a coat of glitter over the top.

3. Silver bells

Make your finger look like shining silver bells by painting them in a metallic hue.  Silver, gold, bronze anything goes even paint your nails red then draw on silver bells with a silver nail art pen.

4. Festive foliage

Christmas trees are a well known symbol for Christmas and with a few pieces of tape they can be super easy to paint on your nails. Simply make a sharp V with the tape and paint the inside green, add some dots of metallic paint for decorations or leave plain for an understated festive look. We also can’t forget holly, a few red dots and some green leaves and your nails are Christmas ready.

5. Red,green and white

Alternate red and green for a quick and easy silly season look. Or if you are up for the challenge use tape to make red stripes along your nails, then paint white in between the red after it dries, now you have candy canes nails.

Check out out fabulous festive fingers gallery for more inspiration and ideas.

Share with us your festive nail art ideas.