Iconic European brands, Crooked Tongues and Le Coq Sportif are getting 90’s sneakers and trainers back on track.

The 90’s were the glory era for the sneaker shoe. From Seinfeld, to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Michael Jordan’s respective sneakers – it was the decade that produced many modern day classics.

90’s style Jelly Shoes and Dr. Martens have made their return, however several major European brands are leading the way for the comeback of the sneaker.

Crooked Tongues and Le Coq have teamed up for an insane collaboration, producing a pair of sneakers aptly named the FLASH CT.

Unofficially dubbed ‘The French Exchange’, the pair plays on the relationship between France and the UK.

The Eurostar-inspired pair has highlights of grey, navy and gold. These colours have been purposefully paired with an emphasis on materials.

Leather and sports mesh are included to pay homage to the original materials used in 90’s sneakers.

Crooked Tongue are renowned for their collaborations with brands such as Nike and Reebok, and have continued their high quality production with the FLASH.

The trainers are a refreshing outtake on Le Coq’s range, bringing them back in with the cool kids again.

Rita Ora, Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Biel and Macklemore have been spotted wearing similar 90’s trainers around town.

The launch for the limited edition FLASH CT will be held at Laced Store in Brisbane on Friday 20th December at 7pm. Complimentary drinks are on offer at the venue.

Le Coq Sportif FLASH CT: RRP $159.95