Luxurious men’s label Urbbana found its legs in Brisbane and now is opening its third store on the Gold Coast.

When I think fashion I think of cities like Paris, Melbourne, London, Sydney and New York , Brisbane generally doesn’t make the list. But according too Sam Abi designer behind successful men’s brand Urbbana, Queensland’s market has huge amounts of potential and the young talent has used it to his advantage.

“Many designers believe that to make it in the fashion industry they need to move to Sydney or Melbourne,” he said.

“I moved from Sydney to Brisbane because I saw huge potential in the Queensland market.  There is a multitude of emerging local designers and people are becoming more fashion conscious, embracing the latest trends from the catwalks.”

High praise from a fashion guru, maybe we have been underestimating Brisbane all along and now even TopShop has opened. The first Urbbana store opened at Portside Wharf in 2009 and the success from the store prompted a Melbourne location as well as the new Surfers Paradise store.

“My Portside Wharf store had become so popular that I was receiving enquirers from interstate so I put a selection of Urbbana designs online and after getting regular orders from the likes of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, decided to open my Chapel Street store.”

Now Sam’s loyal customers from the Gold Coast want have to travel to Portside Wharf in order to get their hands on Urbanna’s colourful leather shoes, fashion forward shirts and suave suits. Sam believes men in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast are becoming more fashion conscious.

“Gold Coast and Brisbane men are becoming more appreciative of good quality, sophisticated fashion.  They are taking more pride in their appearance and making more of an effort to be noticed for all the right reasons.”

A shift that all women are grateful for I’m sure. From humble beginnings at Portside Wharf Urbbana is now a men’s fashion brand to be watched. Beore going shopping at Urbbana Portside or their new location at Surfers Paradsie (Shop 4, 3113 Surfers Paradise Boulevard) check out our tip on men’s summer fashion.