For men who don’t like shopping and find fashion confusing, Cambridge Clothing Company has a solution.

After two years researching men’s shopping behaviour Cambridge Clothing Company has come to the conclusion that most women already know – men lack interest and confidence when putting together an outfit.

“Guys don’t like shopping for work wear. They find it tedious; there’s no fun in it,” says Eddie Macky, who is fifth generation in the nearly 150 year-old family company. Lack of fashion knowledge and resistance to help or guidance (a manifestation, Macky says, of the same condition that stops men asking for directions while driving) create a recipe for suit disaster.

“They don’t like to be told what to do, so they try to work it out themselves, but they don’t really know what they’re doing,” says Macky. “They don’t understand the versatility of work wear, don’t realise you can put a suit jacket with chinos, or a suit jacket with jeans.”

That’s where the Cambridge Kit comes in. There’s a colour code on all tags in the new line and items with a tick in the same coloured dot go together. Future collections will also match past colour-coded items to give seasonal collections longevity.

“This system provides guys with a simple process where they can construct a daily wardrobe quite quickly,” says Macky. “For every five garments there’s about 25 looks, and there’s 10 to 15 garments in each colour code.”

“Guys just want things to be easy and if there’s an element of fun involved and they can do it themselves – it’s perfect.”

Undressing the issue

More insights the Cambridge survey revealed about how men dress

  • Tie Sharing

    Offices often have a communal tie bucket for those pesky meetings that require a more formal look – if not a fashionable one

  • Unsuited

    The everyday work wardrobe is less formal, and suits are only brought out for important occasions like meetings with international clients or weddings

  • Roomy dressing

    Men find suits uncomfortable so often size-up, creating an unflattering baggy look


Are you suit-shy or satorially-savvy? Is connecting the dots your answer to suiting woes? Let us know!