Back from New York and Paris Fashion Week, hairdresser Todd Arndt of Hair Salon Vogue Nationale, caught up with Holly Woods.

What are some hair trends for the summer?
We’re still seeing a lot of braiding, a lot of natural textures, lots of sea salt spray used in the hair and you are getting a lot of the tuck bob where you just tuck up the hair and it’s really awesome and cute.

What are trends in terms of hair colour?
Pastels you can wash out quite quickly. Soft pinks and apricots are feminine and beautiful. Balayage (fading from dark to lighter tones at the end of the hair) is dead and gone. What is Brisbane’s hair mantra? I think it is all relevant to our weather. Brisbane is starting to see a lot of hair just on shoulder length or just past the shoulder. A lot of woman are cutting their hair off, women want change.

What products can’t you live without?
One would be the sea salt spray form La Biosthetique, I use that on most of my clients. The other would be the volumizing lotion from La Biosthetique, it gives a natural volume feel to the hair without being sticky.

Are there any products you warn people to avoid?
You have to be careful of heavy conditioners and heavy silicone products. I know a lot of clients get results very quickly from them but it goes downhill from there.

Which Fashion Week is your favourite?
Paris, it’s a highlight and it filled some of my career goals. It’s more tense in Australian Fashion Week than it is at New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week.

How do you collaborate with designers?
Some designers just want to design so they hire a stylist to put it all together, and then you get some designers who are focused and they know what they want, like Alex Perry.

What is it like working with models?
It’s like working in any job; you have your positives and you have your negatives. It’s the same with modelling; you have models who are attention-seeking and then you have models who just go with the flow.

Do you have a favourite celebrity when it comes to hair?
It’s always Miranda (Kerr) isn’t it? And Natalie Portman is the other one. She would be one person whose hair I’d love to do.