Want to have a formal night you’ll never forget? Create your own fairytale by stepping into one of these stunning designs.

It’s that special time of year when senior high school students leave their school days behind and don gorgeous gowns and dapper suits to celebrate their years of hard work. Hills in Hollywood’s latest offerings are all about embracing the princess within, with jewel encrusted gowns the highlight of the season. Do you want to make your daughter’s formal a night she will never forget and have her entrance, adorned with her gorgeous gown, elegant hairstyle and jewels, one that everyone is talking about and will go down in school history? We have five ways to make that impact to ensure she arrives in style What was your high school formal experience like? What did you wear?

Following the formal is usually the schoolies celebrations. It’s that time of year again, where the surf and sand are filled with schoolies celebrating their departure from 12 years of study. We have put together a parent’s guide to ease your angst as you sit tight and hope the week goes by without a hitch. End of Year 12 is an end of an era and schoolies are ready to party while parents are getting worried about whether their children will be safe

Read our contacts for parents and for schoolies to make this time safer