In a bid to resolve a long-standing dispute two businessmen trawelled through the data from their thousands of customers to uncover the most popular Australian suit style.

InStitchu co-founders James Wakefield and Robin McGowan decided to investigate what was Australian business men’s most popular style of suit.

“We’d been arguing for months about what colour suit was more popular with today’s businessman, so we decided to look into it and resolve the matter once and for all,” Wakefield said.

“It turns out navy [at 27 percent] is favoured above charcoal [sitting at 24 percent], followed by grey and black. The other eighteen percent of suits we sell are in light grey or even more audacious selections like beige or maroon.”

Fabric colour was only the start, however, as they realised the data could be used to pinpoint the archetypal Aussie suit.

“We discovered that overwhelmingly, Australian men prefer single breasted suits with two buttons… not many men opt for double breasted jackets these days, and it seems generally, they like to keep buttons to a minimum.”

But Wakefield noted that ‘the fewer buttons the better’ is not the preference for sleeves, with 84 percent preferring four buttons on their sleeves with only three percent opting for the minimum two buttons arrangement.

Also interesting is that notch lapels have clearly overtaken the classic peak lapel as the preferred style.

“Not so long ago, more Australians would have chosen a peak lapel, but I think the peak lapel is almost dead, with only a select few still opting for this classic look,” says Wakefield.

The final verdict? The typical modern Australian suit is navy blue, a hundred per cent wool, has two buttons and a side vent, four sleeve buttons, a notch lapel and full lining.

But if the data also included the suits created on the Online Design Tool, where customers can create and customise suits to their liking, the results would look very different, says Wakefield.

“We find that men are extremely creative and adventurous when it comes to designing suits, but far more conservative when it comes to actually purchasing suits.”

What’s your preferred suit? Are you the typical Australian male or do you like something a bit different?