It’s that time of year again, men around the country are sporting moustaches or will grow a ‘mo’ to raise money for men’s health initiatives.

Movember is a charity event that raises funds to help combat prostrate and testicular cancer and other men’s mental health challenges.

Since Movember’s humble beginnings in 2003 in Melbourne, Movember has grown to become a truly global movement inspiring more than 3 million participants across 21 countries worldwide.

Last year they raised more than $141million with 1.1million Mo’s registering worldwide.

For most men, moustaches are not a part of their regular grooming habits, so here are a few tips to avoid looking seedy during this great month-long cause.

How to ‘Mo’:

Not everyone can grow a luscious ‘mo’ in the space of one month, but those are the rules.

The first few days or weeks might look a little strange as the facial hair starts to take shape and thicken, but everyone else will be in the same boat, so no cheating!

You should think about what type of ‘mo’ you want to grow before embarking on the 30 day challenge. There is a style guide on Movember’s campaign website (as pictured above) that showcases moustache looks like the regent, the boxcar and the connoisseur.

Your moustache will get itchy, but it’s probably worse on your partner. Just keep it clean, neat and stylish and all will be forgiven.

You can keep it clean by rinsing your moustache with shampoo and condition; it will actually soften the coarse hairs.

Visit the Movember campaign website for more details on how to get involved this November.