More than 200 homes have already been lost in the recent New South Wales bush fires, but now guys (and girls!) from O’shirt have lent a helping hand and have come to the rescue.

O’Shirt has decided to launch a new t-shirt to come to the rescue with all of the proceeds going towards the NSW volunteer fire fighters. Each fortnight O’Shirt selects a unique designer to create a limited edition tee that embodies a different cause, with a minimum of $7 from every shirt sold going towards the charity of their choice.

O’Shirt Designer Sabrina Cruz has designed a limited edition range of t-shirts, creating a design that represents the brave spirit displayed by our fire rescue service men and women. Sabrina’s work has developed into art that is made up of precise, clean lines and beautiful imaginative imagery. Sabrina’s They Rise tee uses crossed axes as a timeless representation of our rescue fire fighters across Australia and the olive branches were incorporated to signify the rural fire brigade of NSW.

Every fortnight O’Shirt partner with a charity and empower their life giving projects by designing shirts that raise funds and broadcasts the message of the charity.
So, every time you order a shirt, you’ll look good, share the message and contribute $7 to the cause.

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