Beards have made a comeback of late… not just for hipsters, but as a new staple accessory for the modern gentleman.

Apparently women of Australia aren’t complaining either, according to a study conducted earlier this year by University of New South Wales professors Barnaby. J. Dixson and Rob C. Brooks. The study asked women of their opinion of a selection of males when they were clean shaven compared to when growing a beard, with heavy stubble being the clear favourite.

However, for some men the idea of a beard may seem great, when actually it may differ greatly when it is nesting on your chin, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a go.

Time really does tell, you sometimes need to let your beard grow in for up to six weeks before tackling the grooming on your own, but in the meantime visit a barber and make sure you are constantly trimming it to suit your face shape.

No one likes to see a gentleman’s last meal peeking through their facial scrub, so grooming is a must! Facial hair should be treated like any other hair on your head, with shampoo and conditioning. Also making sure lint, fluff and crumbs are picked or brushed out regularly will improve its appearance.

Are you patchy? No problem. There are some local Brisbane cosmetic clinique’s that offer facial hair transplants to improve coverage, if you’re willing.

If you are troubled with uneven hair tones, then there are moustache and beard dyes too, which are less harsh than hair dyes. Who knew?