Time poor men are stacking on the kilos faster than their female counterparts and the health ramifications are extreme.

The Coalition of Australian Governments (COAG) this year reported seven out of ten men are putting on the kilos and are classified as overweight in Australia, compared to five in ten women. They’re not eating enough fruit and vegetables, and not getting sufficient exercise to see any health benefits.

Brisbane financial planner Aaron Zamykal thought those numbers stacked up to an alarming state of affairs but understands the link between time pressures and skipping meals, which can link directly to poor metabolism, over-eating and weight gain.

Zamykal developed Slim Nation, a range of weight loss shakes and meal replacement drinks, in 2011 from a home office and has since set up national distribution across 15,000 outlets across Australia.

Zamykal has partnered with the PA Hospital Foundation for future product development and over the next six months will expand distribution into China, the Phillipines and Mexico.

“I’m very much an advocate for healthy living and understand the toll a busy lifestyle can take on men, particularly,” says Zamykal.

“I run two businesses and have a baby on the way so I understand a lot of men don’t take enough time to make healthy choices.”

Slim Nation’s Meal in a Bottle is a liquid breakfast with far less sugar than its competitors and contains Green Coffee bean, a strong anti-oxidant. The drink contains 18 vitamins and minerals and was created in Australia by a team of dieticians, nutritionists and food technologists.

Visit www.slimnation.com.au for information.