BMW has been named the world’s most admired automotive company in the latest rankings revealed by Fortune.

BMW (21st) and Toyota (34th) were the only two car makers to crack Fortune‘s ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ rankings this year.

The list ranks the 50 most admired companies in the world, as determined by the votes of 3,800 executives, analysts, directors and experts.

Toyota had been the highest ranked car manufacturer the last couple of years, but BMW leaped well ahead of the Japanese company this year.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Apple (Computers)
  2. (Internet services and retailing)
  3. Starbucks (Food services)
  4. Berkshire Hathaway (Insurance: Property and casualty)
  5. Disney (Entertainment)
  6. Alphabet (Internet services and retailing)
  7. General Electric (Industrial machinery)
  8. Southwest Airlines (Airlines)
  9. Facebook (Internet services and retailing)
  10. Microsoft (Computer software)
  11. FedEx (Delivery)
  12. Nike (Apparel)
  13. Johnson & Johnson (Pharmaceuticals)
  14. Netflix (Entertainment)
  15. Costco (Specialty retailers)
  16. Coca-Cola (Beverages)
  17. American Express (Consumer credit card and related services)
  18. Nordstrom (General merchandisers)
  19. Procter & Gamble (Soaps and cosmetics)
  20. (Computer software)
  21. BMW (Motor vehicles)
  22. JPMorgan Chase (Megabanks)
  23. 3M (Medical products and equipment)
  24. IBM (Information technology services)
  25. Marriott International (Hotels, casinos and resorts)
  26. USAA (Insurance: Property and casualty)
  27. Goldman Sachs Group (Megabanks)
  28. Whole Foods Market (Food and drug stores)
  29. BlackRock (Securities and asset management)
  30. Boeing (Aerospace and defence)
  31. Delta Air Lines (Airlines)
  32. Home Depot (Specialty retailers)
  33. Singapore Airlines (Airlines)
  34. Toyota Motor (Motor vehicles)
  35. UPS (Delivery)
  36. Nestle (Consumer food products)
  37. AT&T (Telecommunications)
  38. Unilever (Soaps and cosmetics)
  39. PepsiCo (Consumer food products)
  40. Exxon Mobil (Petroleum refining)
  41. Accenture (Information technology services)
  42. Walmart (General merchandisers)
  43. St Jude Medical (Medical products and equipment)
  44. Target (General merchandisers)
  45. CVS Health (Health care)
  46. Intel (Semiconductors)
  47. Caterpillar (Construction and farm machinery)
  48. McDonald’s (Food services)
  49. Visa (Consumer credit card and related services)
  50. Deere (Construction and farm machinery)

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