Well, this was inevitable, wasn’t it?

A Brisbane learner driver has allegedly been caught driving drunk in West End while hunting Pokémon.

Officers from West End Station reportedly spotted the vehicle driving erratically down a dead-end street with no headlights on.

When officers intercepted the vehicle around 2:30am on Thursday, they found the driver actively engaged in playing Pokémon Go.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the driver was allegedly unaccompanied on a learners permit, and exhibiting signs of intoxication.

The driver was breath tested, and returned an alleged reading of 0.156 per cent.

The 27-year-old woman — who, let’s face it, is probably Team Yellow — has been charged with one count of driving under the influence, and one count of failing to comply with the requirements of a class C learner licence.

Queensland Police are using the incident as an opportunity to remind drivers that inattention and distraction while driving is a leading cause of fatal crashes, and that using your phone while driving isn’t just illegal — it puts you, and everyone else using the roads around you, at risk.

The woman will face Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday 8 August. Hey, do you think there’s a PokéStop there?