New research has revealed which residents are doing it toughest when it comes to their daily commute.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith says Logan and Ipswich residents are doing it toughest, with data from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics showing more than 40 per cent of drivers in those cities are stuck in traffic for 45 minutes or longer each day.

“Unfortunately as our roads become more congested, we’re seeing motorists in Logan and Ipswich being forced to leave home earlier just to try and beat gridlock,” Ms Smith says.

“And things aren’t much better for Brisbane drivers, 34 per cent of whom also reported 45 minute-plus commutes.”

The RACQ’s announcement comes as part of a push to promote the Australian Automobile Association’s new mobile tool, Australia’s Worst Commute, which helps Queenslanders tally up just how much time they’re wasting stuck in traffic each day.

“It’s an eye-opener for many to add up all of the lost hours, days and even weeks being spent each year doing nothing but staring at the next commuter’s brake lights,” Ms Smith says.

“This is a light-hearted reminder of all the worthy projects people could be spending that time on instead, and the serious underlying message about dead time and money can then be sent to local politicians this election campaign.

“If we don’t plan for the future and put in infrastructure that will provide realistic solutions for south east Queensland, our congestion problem will become dire.

“We’ve spent too much time playing politics. It’s time we get to work.”

City of Logan Mayor Luke Smith says the bad news is no surprise, and has praised the RACQ and the Australian Automobile Association for pushing for pushing for better infrastructure.

“These groups, like Logan City Council, are calling on motorists to contact their federal candidates and get them to commit to critical road projects, such as widening the M1 and upgrading the Mt Lindesay Highway,” he says.

Mayor Smith says the Australia’s Worst Commute app will be an eye-opener for Logan residents.

“If you think your commute is rotten, wait ’til you use this calculator. For Logan residents spending an average of 45 minutes stuck in traffic a day, it will tell you what you could be doing otherwise with those 15 and a half days a year — flying to Mexico and becoming a certified diver, riding the Trans-Siberian Railway, or visiting all of the Seven Wonders of the World.

“You could also walk from Melbourne to Canberra. While you’re there, meet our MPs and tell them to invest in transport infrastructure.”

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