Toyota’s newest concept car, revealed at Milan Design Week earlier this month, is a little wooden.

The new wooden roadster is called the Setsuna and is described as Toyota’s Time Machine, because it was designed to age gracefully over time.

Designers created it to embody the affection owners grow to feel for their cars and to show how cars continue to change and offer new values as they are taken care of with love over time, and each detail was designed with this in mind.

The body of the car looks more like a boat and has a slight curve to it, to allow for bending in the wood as it ages over time.


Each wooden panel of the car was selected specifically to suit its different sections, with different types of wood and grains incorporated into the design.

The wooden panels are all fitted together using traditional Japanese joinery techniques with no nails or screws and all 86 of the wooden panels are replaceable if they need to be repaired or just changed for a different look.



The circular emblem expresses “the accumulation of moments”; evoking a clock that shows each individual moment while giving the impression of a moment blooming like a flower.


The car also features a 100-year meter that counts time with family for the next 100 years.


Its seats are inspired by a wooden park bench and aim to gently cradle passengers – just like an old couple would with each other, when sitting on a bench in the park. Nawww!


Surprisingly, the Setsuna is a fully functioning vehicle (until the termites get to it), but it’s not allowed to be driven on public roads nor sold commercially. Check it out:

What do you think of the Setsuna? Would you drive it around?