Remember James Bond’s amphibious Lotus Esprit S1 in The Spy Who Loved Me? Now you can have an underwater car of your own.

An eBay seller from the UK who goes by the name paulcross is attempting to sell his ‘Z1A’, which he claims is “the world’s fastest amphibious car”.

Oddly enough, the vehicle isn’t actually modelled on the Lotus Esprit S1, but rather, on the Lamborghini Countach (and the key word here is ‘modelled’ — it’s not an actual Countach, and is registered as a ‘Ryan Rover V8 Sports’).

The car’s amphibious capabilities involve an F1-type push-rod suspension with hydraulic activators to lift the wheels for water use. It also has a smoke ejector, in case you need to leave rival spies behind in a cloud of smoke.

The seller claims the car has had “many TV appearances” and been featured in “many publications”, including TopGear.

It’s obviously been around the block a few times — it was converted to left hand drive and shipped to the US for “various filming duties”, before being shipped back to the UK, converted back to right hand drive, and sold to a mysterious owner who has apparently kept it locked up for the last 15 years.

Needless to say, the seller adds, “it will now need some TLC” — and he’s not kidding. The car has no seats, brakes, or tires, and will need “a major service” before it goes swimming (or even, you know, driving).

The car will cost you around $35,500, plus the cost of shipping it to Australia (as well as the cost of all those repairs), so we could only recommend buying it if you’ve got MI6 money to play with.