Lamborghini, the Italian sports car maker, has marked the official opening of its sole Queensland showroom by unveiling its spectacular latest model, the 324 kmh Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder.

Lamborghini Brisbane in Ann Street, Brisbane, is the latest addition to Greg Willims’ Willims Motor Group, which already represents some of the world’s most desirable makes, Bentley, Maserati, Lotus, Audi, Alfa Romeo and Fiat, in the Fortitude Valley luxury car precinct.

The Huracán Spyder costs around $470,000 plus on-road charges, yet already has attracted local buyers, reports Greg Willims.

Although Lamborghini’s natural home is Italy, the Asia Pacific is one of its fastest-growing sales regions and the factory wasted little time after the Huracán’s Frankfurt motor show debut in September before sending it on an international launch tour.

Two examples of the “baby Lambo” Spyder, one in startling candy-apple green and the other metallic orange and both with matching upholstery, were displayed at Lamborghini Brisbane for just a day before being flown to Asia.

They arrived complete with visiting Lamborghini factory executives Andrea Baldi and Eginardo Bertoli, who provided an English translation of the complicated name:

LP: Longitudinale Posteriore. The 10-cylinder engine sits lengthways in the rear of the chassis, rather than crossways as in most cars.
610: The horsepower output (449 kiloWatts)
4: Four-wheel drive
Spyder: Convertible

Without comparing a certain Italian rival, Baldi says a Lamborghini is “pure theatre”, an exotic car on the outer edge of performance and design and most definitely entertaining.

The Huracán Spyder is nevertheless quite suitable for daily driving, he adds.

Lamborghini Brisbane becomes one of just four showrooms in Australia where you can buy a new car with the iconic raging bull badge.

Sales of the Huracán and its V12 big-brother Aventador are climbing as Automobili Lamborghini for the first time establishes a proper network in Australia to support its buyers and existing owners. But while numbers of the coupes and Spyders will remain relatively small, the Willims Group’s new showroom is the groundwork for the 2018 arrival of an additional model that will lift the maker’s profile.

Andrea Baldi confirmed Lamborghini is joining the race to make the world’s fastest and most luxurious SUV. It will be called the Urus and, regardless of performance and price, promises to be the most driver-friendly and versatile Lamborghini yet.