Holden has unveiled its last ever home-grown Holden Commodore, two years before local production comes to an end.

The VF Series II Commodore SS redline was revealed yesterday at Holden’s headquarters in Melbourne and is said to be the most powerful SS model of all time, featuring a 6.2 litre V8 that previously powered the US Corvette sports car and more than 300kW. That’s almost more than triple the power of the original V8 Commodore in 1978!

The six speed manual includes a new front bumper with wider centre air-dam and brake ducts that filter air through to an aperture in the front wheel arch, as well as two air vents on the bonnet to remove heat.

Holden have also introduced a “mechanical sound enhancer” under the bonnet that, combined with a larger exhaust, pumps more V8 roar into the cabin while still meeting noise regulations outside the car.

Well, Holden certainly have packed everything they could into this new model. Most likely, a tact to reverse a sales slide before the assembly line in Elizabeth, South Australia closes forever in late 2017.

This VF Series II Commodore SS redline will certainly be very popular amongst diehard Holden fans, as the next generation Commodore will be imported from Germany with four-cylinder and V6 power only.

The new model will be expected to retail at about $56,190.