RACQ has conducted a survey of Queensland drivers, revealing the top ten behaviours that frustrate motorists the most.

The survey found that people who talk or text on mobile phones while driving aggravate motorists the most.

RACQ spokeswoman Lauren Ritchie says more needs to be done to deter motorists from using mobile phones while driving.

“Mobile phone use while driving is a hard rule for police to monitor and enforce and it may be the reason for this growing problem,” she says.

“For a law to be effective there has to be enough of a deterrent. Do people think they’re going to be caught and are the risks of a fine and three demerit points enough to stop them?”

The survey also found that motorists who tailgate and speed up when overtaking really grind our gears.

“As motorists, we need to remember we’re all sharing the road,” Lauren says. “Courtesy plays a big part in keeping our roads safe.”

What drives us crazy on the road

  • Motorists talking/sending SMS on hand-held mobiles
  • Drivers who follow too closely/tailgate
  • Motorists who increase their speed when you try to overtake them
  • Motorists who throw litter out of their vehicles
  • Motorists who incorrectly use indicators (e.g. indicating too late or failing to indicate at all)
  • Motorists who aren’t courteous (e.g. allowing room to merge/change lanes)
  • Motorists parking incorrectly (e.g. double parking or using disability car parks)
  • Motorists turning from the wrong lane (e.g. at multi-lane roundabouts)
  • Motorists who do not move over to allow others to overtake
  • Motorists ignoring restricted speed limits (e.g. at school zones or road works)

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