Drive a Hyundai Genesis and you will be asked constantly if the Korean company really has built a luxury sedan.

My answer is, yes for execution. And no for perceived prestige.

The Genesis, available here since November, is large and spacious, superbly equipped for comfort and safety, very well finished and drives properly. It lacks very little and is strong value for money.

It has an eight-speed automatic transmission and 3.8 litre V6 petrol engine. Despite ample performance, the engine is one feature where the technology doesn’t match European prestige cars, which seem to be slightly more refined and certainly more economical. We don’t get the Hyundai V8 engine sold in American versions and a diesel would be nice.

But in any case it’s not a car to consider instead of a BMW or Merc, as its buyers won’t give a three-pointed toss for boasting rights at the golf club.

Missing the Fairlane and Statesman? Here’s your car.

$60,000-$82,000 plus on-roads | Luxury sedan
3.8 litre petrol | 232kW/397Nm

FOR: What you expect in a luxury car.
AGAINST: Lacks a posh badge.
VERDICT: Drive it, you’ll like it.