The latest model Australian-made Ford Territory is worth a look, writes Chris Nixon.

It’s a rule in the new-car world that the best version to buy of any model is the last to be built. The bugs have long been fixed and more features than ever have been loaded to sustain sales until the end of its life; guaranteed reliability and value for money.

So it’s a good time to consider the Ford Territory, just introduced in the SZ Mark 2 version that will take it through to the end of local manufacture in October 2016.

Launched 10 years ago, the first Australian-made SUV set a benchmark for ride comfort, cornering ability and steering response. It was a match for those expensive Germans.

At times the Territory has outsold the Falcon on which it’s based, but now newer makes and models grab the headlines.

Yet the latest and last Territory holds its own in comparisons of large SUVs, especially as Ford has sharpened the deal with price reductions of between $3000 and $6500.

List prices start at $36,990 for a range comprising six two-wheel drive variants with petrol or diesel engines and three diesel all-wheel drives.

Seven seats are standard in the mid-range TS and top-shelf Titanium and optional in the base TX. All TS variants are $6000 cheaper than before, with the desirable AWD diesel less than $50,000.

Beyond the price cuts, material enhancements on the Territory include voice control for the infotainment system, an efficient new automatic gearbox that cuts petrol consumption, reversing camera, digital radio, automatic emergency paging and some minor re-styling.